HP ACU (Array Configuration Utility) – Make HDD Blink

At work all we use is HP servers. It’s either DL or BL series… and anywhere from gen 6 to gen 10.

Recently one of our disk shelve StorageWorks D2700 had two HDDs detected as predictive failure. Predictive failure doesn’t make the drive slot amber so it’s difficult for remote hand to determine what to replace. Granted I could just give the HDD slot number and have remote hand replace the drives. It’s better to make the HDD slot blink so remote hand can be 100% sure what to replace.

The two HDDs were located in RAID CTL slot #2 3E:1:10 and 3E:1:25. I made sure that both are actually failing first by checking the physical drive status. Launch HP Array Configuration Utility CLI and run following.

ctrl slot=2 pd 3E:1:10 show
ctrl slot=2 pd 3E:1:25 show

Now I turn on blinking LED on both physical HDD caddy.

ctrl slot=2 pd 3E:1:10 modify led=on
ctrl slot=2 pd 3E:1:25 modify led=on

Have remote hand locate the drives and replace them. Afterwards turn off the blinking lights.

ctrl slot=2 pd 3E:1:10 modify led=off
ctrl slot=2 pd 3E:1:25 modify led=off

Once done ACU should be showing the array rebuilding.

(3E:1:10 is assigned as spare.)

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